Wedding Style Inspiration: Art Deco Wedding Invitations

How is it that one of the most short-lived style movements of the 20th century keeps reappearing in art, fashion, and especially, weddings? Part of the appeal of Art Deco is attributable to Hollywood’s glamorous touch. The recent remake of “The Great Gatsby,” an American movie-favorite based on the classic novel, portrays the exuberant 1920’s high society that gave rise to a lavish yet modern sensibility.

As a decorative style, Art Deco’s popularity is evident in everyday life–from internationally-famous architectural landmarks to home decor and fashion, all the way to everyday consumer goods, and of course, in stylish, unique wedding invitations. For brides, it inspires a unique blended style that is eclectic, yet classically glamorous and modern all at once.

Deco-designed Wedding Invitations

Here’s a taste of some of our beautifully crafted wedding invitation sets, inspired by classic Art Deco design details:


‘Deco Grand’ by Annah Syta

Deco Grand is pure Art Deco architectural inspiration, printed in two coveted precious-metal color options (gold and silver, of course!).  Bold geometric shapes create an intricate pattern reflective of the style’s streamlined look.



‘Vintage Glamour’ by Lauren DeColli Hooke

Vintage Glamour features a symmetrical border pattern created through the artful combination of geometric shapes. The wedding invitation suite is drenched in rich contrasting colors, shown here in black and gold, but also available in cream & gold or black & pink.



‘Art Deco Scales’ by Vita Mechachonis

Art Deco Scales creates an elegant, balanced pattern from scalloped scales–symmetrical, geometric shapes used widely in Art Deco styling to exalt the beauty of machine power over the organic. The trademark rounded, sans-serif font style, free of flourishes, prevails throughout the wedding invitation suite, shown here in pink, but also available in purple, yellow, or silver-grey.



‘Dazzle’ by Annah Syta

Dazzle plays up Art Deco’s penchant for opulence with a jewel-like sunburst, a cornerstone motif of the style. The playfulness of this wedding invitation design’s mixed-up typography lends a fresh look, enhanced further by the on-trend blue-gray background color.



‘Scalloped Lace’ by Suzanne Cahill

Scalloped Lace uses the repetition of ornate lace to perfect the lavish embellishment seen in Art Deco design. The black-on-pale-pink color palette is vintage deco, hinting at the allure of out-in-the-open sex-appeal that permeated an era of contrasts (progress and Prohibition!)



‘Deco Detail’ by Annah Syta

Deco Detail is a more classical style wedding invitation design with strong deco-inspired undertones in the illustration and color palette. An asymmetrical floral motif comprised of geometric shapes anchors the traditional layout. Classic font styles print in either silver or gold on white for a clean, classic look.

For more fabulous Art Deco wedding style ideas, check out our Desperately Deco! board on Pinterest. We’d love to hear about your favorite deco details by commenting below.


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