Designer Jodi Berlin: Modern Twist to Traditional Wedding Invitations

Graphic design artist Jodi Berlin puts a fresh spin on traditional wedding invitations with vintage details and dramatic colors to create a unique collection of modern classics for Kleinfeld Paper. Her designs stand out with their modern twist on a traditional sensibility. The attention she pays to Victorian-inspired pattern and typefaces is apparent in many of her wedding invitation suites. We asked Jodi to tell us about her background and what trends she’s watching in wedding invitation design.



Jodi attributes her love for design to spending endless afternoons drawing and painting with her grandmother. As a child, Jodi most looked forward to art class and knew early on that she was destined for a career in the creative industry. She earned a bachelor’s degree of Landscape Architecture at Michigan State University. Although she had a natural flair for the design, organization, and use of outdoor spaces, she felt that the technical side of that specific profession stifled her creativity more than she wanted. So she continued on and pursued studying Design at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia.


During her ten years in Atlanta, Jodi gained experience working with the wedding industry
and scrapbook and paper crafting market before launching her own wedding stationery line. Jodi eventually returned to her Midwestern roots. “I can’t help it that I am Smitten with the Mitten!” she remarks. She’s been back in Michigan for a little over five years now, working as a full-time freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Jodi freelances in the areas of greeting card illustration, retail product design, surface pattern design, corporate graphic design, and of course…wedding stationery!

Sources of Inspiration

Jodi points to vintage-era design objects as key sources of inspiration for her designs. These include vintage letterpress ornaments, antique textiles and prints, ornamental alphabets, and Victorian-era design elements like patterns and motifs.


When it comes to designing for today’s weddings, Jodi recognizes that weddings are becoming more personalized, with couples looking to express their individual tastes and styles in everything they choose for their wedding, especially wedding invitations. A few examples of trends Jodi is noticing in wedding stationery include:

  • Whimsical freehand illustrations
  • Invitations featuring a custom coat of arms
  • A growing return to traditional printing techniques like letterpress and engraving
  • Geometric pattern like chevron, so big  last year, are beginning to give way now to softer-edged patterns
  • Gilt-edged paper


Design Style

Jodi’s designs are simple, elegant, and generally done in a classic style. She creates many of her designs especially for printing using letterpress, evident by the detail and color that presents so beautifully with the tactile precision that letterpress printing offers.  “I strive to design timeless pieces so that they are always up to date,” says Jodi. “My area of specialty is creating classic designs (with a little twist) that lend themselves well to specialty printing techniques like engraving, letterpress, and foil stamping.” Jodi adds that she can’t get enough of white or light-colored inks on dark paper, apparent in designs like Freeport Sailboat, Posie (above), and Victorian Wedding (below).


When she’s not working, Jodi loves spending time with her husband and two-year old daughter. She also enjoys fly-fishing, traveling, and spending time in northern Michigan during the summer. Exercising is a big part of her life, with long distance running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and pretty much anything active in her portfolio of non-artistic pursuits.

You can see more of Jodi’s extensive wedding invitations online at Kleinfeld Paper using the search by designer tool, found in the left-hand navigation bar. You’ll find her designs in several style categories because of how beautifully she blends vintage, modern and classic design elements. Enjoy more traditional inspiration on our Pinterest board, Traditional Bride.


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