Engraved Wedding Invitations: A Timeless Tradition

It’s true, lovers of traditional fine stationery choose engraving. Engraving is simply a timeless printing choice for showcasing fine design detail in a dimensional, distinctive way.  Choosing engraved wedding invitations makes a classic wedding style statement and creates a lasting impression for your big day.


But there are some things you should know first about this printing technique. Not all designs lend themselves to engraving. Kleinfeld Paper currently offers engraving only through our retail partners and at the Kleinfeld Paper boutique in Manhattan. While engraved wedding invitations remain the ultimate choice for making a traditional wedding style statement, this printing option requires a bit more budget and some more time to produce. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about engraving.

The Enchantment of Engraved Wedding Invitations

Engraving your wedding invitations offers some distinctive advantages, including:

  • Gives depth and dimension to very fine design details
  • Brings text and design elements such as patterns, monograms and motifs to life in a raised, tactile presentation
  • Inks can be mixed to match any Pantone color and are the most opaque of all printing methods, resulting in an intense, vibrant look
  • Light ink colors, particularly white, present exquisitely on dark color stock papers


Plates, Inks, Pressure, Oh My!

The way engraving works is by imposing ink onto paper using copper, custom-etched plates. These plates are engraved beforehand with your design, personalized type and other graphics. Then intense pressure is applied similar to letterpress, but instead of making an impression into the paper, graphics and type are raised up from the paper, creating a textured, three-dimensional look and feel.  The resulting image has distinctive clarity, color purity and depth.

Showcasing the Finest Design and Typeface Details

Engraving is especially well suited for designs with highly detailed graphics and typefaces, such as those with intricate fonts, flourishes or ornate patterns. It’s an exquisite choice for the dramatic effect of white ink on color paper, and can be done on the invitation itself, envelopes and other accessories offered exclusively in store, such as pockets and bellybands. It’s not available for designs that feature certain artistic illustrations, such as watercolor-based flowers, which is much better suited to classic digital printing.


Available Exclusively at Your Local Kleinfeld Paper Retailer

This time-honored printing technique is currently offered through Kleinfeld Paper’s retail partners located around the country, or at our boutique located in the lower level of Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. It’s easy to make an appointment at your convenience at our Manhattan location using an online calender or by calling toll-free at 855-824-4723. Engraving is not currently available for designs ordered online. Engraved orders place through a Kleinfeld Paper retailer requires relatively quick turnaround of approximately 5 to 7 business days in production once a digital proof is approved. If you decide using this printing option is for you, it will surely give guests a refined, detailed and memorable first impression of your wedding day.


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