More Fine Printing: Embossed Wedding Invitations

Embossing brings wedding invitations to a new level of elegance. The look is sophisticated, tapping the simplicity of the process for a stunning result. For the bride who savors superb craftsmanship and a rich mix of fine printing, Kleinfeld Paper designs lend themselves beautifully to this specialty printing process. Embossing is available on select designs exclusively in-store at local retail partners and the Kleinfeld Paper Boutique.


What is Embossing?

Embossing creates a dimensional impression of a design element on the surface of the paper. The impression is either raised (embossing) or sunken (debossing).


How is Embossing done?

It’s simple–think engraving without the ink! Embossing uses a custom-etched die under intense pressure to form a three-dimensional impression on the surface of paper. Instead of applying ink, the pressing pushes into the surface of the paper, creating dimension for the design element. Our quality papers withstand this technique gracefully with fantastic results.

How is Embossing Used?

Embossing gives a distinctive effect to design accents such as border patterns, monograms and motifs. It is also a traditionally popular choice for printing return addresses on envelopes of engraved wedding invitations. Because there is no ink, it is not generally used for the main text of the invitation.


What is Debossing?

Embossing is raised up from the surface of the paper, while debossing is sunken into the surface of the paper. Debossing is how we create this panel shown below on multiple pieces from ‘A Simple Vow‘:


Shop Embossed Wedding Invitations

Kleinfeld Paper’s complete selection of fine printing options–including embossing–are available exclusively in-store. Discover many possibilities for the best printing process for your budget and style by shopping Kleinfeld Paper in person. Envision something uniquely beautiful for your special occasion by seeing designs printed on papers you can touch, feel and hold in real life.

Enjoy the guiding hand of an expert.

There’s no replacement for the experience and knowledge of a professional. In addition to our own Invitation Specialists located at the Kleinfeld Paper boutique in Manhattan, Kleinfeld Paper partners with trusted stationery retailers who are equally as passionate about their customers, and savvy in fine stationery. Find one near you here.


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