Spotlight on Kleinfeld Paper Boutique

EDITOR’S NOTE—Kleinfeld Paper is offered by hundreds of local retail stores across the country, including several in the New York City area, however the Kleinfeld Paper Boutique featured below has closed since publication of this article. To enjoy the same extraordinary dedication and service described here, find the local Kleinfeld Paper retailer near you!

The allure of the Kleinfeld experience brings thousands of brides to Manhattan every year looking for the wedding dress of their dreams. For many, the trip is a family tradition for generations of brides-to-be. So it’s only natural that the most trusted name in bridal extends its world-renowned brand into wedding invitations, offering the kind of style, selection, craftsmanship, and service clients expect. Kleinfeld Paper grew from this concept, and is now located in a boutique on the lower level of the salon.


Expect a VIP Experience at Kleinfeld Paper

Aside from its renown as the most trusted name in bridal, the attraction in shopping for wedding stationery at Kleinfeld Paper is the ease of one-stop-shopping in a private, luxurious salon setting. But the real magic happens during private consultations at the boutique with Kleinfeld Paper pros. Senior Invitation Specialist Amy Krug is always available to every bride who walks through the doors, and also by appointment at no charge. Here Amy shares why shopping in person at the Kleinfeld Paper Boutique is such a great experience for Kleinfeld brides of all types.

Tell us about the brides you meet at the Boutique.

Amy: I see brides from all around the world here at the salon. They come from many different cultural backgrounds and family traditions. But one thing they all have in common is high expectations and big dreams for their wedding day. I am thrilled to share my expert guidance in helping them create beautiful, unique wedding stationery as an integral part of their Kleinfeld experience.

What can you share about the Kleinfeld Paper Boutique?

Amy: The Kleinfeld Paper Boutique is open all week long, weekends included, with the exception of Mondays and Wednesdays, when the entire salon is closed. Our location on the lower level is perfect for the privacy it allows. I love to spend time really talking and getting to know a bride or couple, and getting all the details for their wedding day plans. (It doesn’t hurt that we are strategically located near the shoes!) I always welcome walk-ins, but I do recommend making an appointment to make the most of your time. Many of our brides are local and like to come in last minute, and that’s fine. But others come from far away, so we schedule appointments at their convenience to coordinate with gown fittings.

What’s so special about this boutique?

Amy: When it comes to wedding invitations, I like to reassure brides that this isn’t my first time! It’s important they feel comfortable knowing that I talk wedding all day long and I do it every day. For real! Also, most brides come to Kleinfeld early on during wedding planning, so I can help them keep track of all different wedding stationery they’ll need to order and send throughout their engagement. I help brides get what they want even if they’ve not yet thought of it themselves!

Most important of all, bridal clients can expect Kleinfeld Paper to be there from start to finish. From the moment a couple sits down in the boutique, they should know they aren’t alone in this. I am here to guide couples through all the fine details and etiquette that goes into selecting, wording, ordering and sending custom wedding invitations at the right time. And I am backed by the incredible Kleinfeld Paper team whose print, design, and customer service pros who are dedicated to Kleinfeld orders. We will make sure everything is done perfectly, from save-the-dates through the thank you notes.

How does having a physical presence at the Manhattan salon make Kleinfeld Paper such a great place to shop?

Amy: A diverse clientele and cosmopolitan location prepares us to work with every kind of bride. Meeting with hundreds of brides from around the world and seeing the very latest in wedding fashion informs us a great deal about bridal trends. Our designs are as fresh on paper as they are off the runway! Starting the conversation about wedding stationery early on is so important. Every Kleinfeld pro encourages our brides who are here for a dress to also start thinking about invitations and to make an appointment at Kleinfeld Paper. When they do, they’ll have their wedding day style fresh in their minds, and I am very good at helping brides transition that vision onto paper!

Shopping at the boutique is obviously an advantage if you want the personalized Kleinfeld service and etiquette expertise. But also important is access to more specialty printing (such as engraving, thermography, blind embossing), design features like larger size formats, and embellishments like ribbons, pockets, and layers. There are so many ways a bride can tailor a design to create something unique. Because I work with these details every day, I am able to point out so many more options brides might not know about.

What can you share about your professional experience as a Wedding Invitation Specialist?

Amy:  I am dedicated to delivering our clients the highest quality product possible. I have extensive social stationery industry experience on both the retail sales and production sides, plus a lifelong passion for artwork. I am an expert in helping brides define their wedding day style and translating that onto paper. Being part of the Kleinfeld family also means I take great pride in impeccable attention to detail.

What trends are you seeing in wedding invitations now?

Amy: Being at the heart of bridal fashion, we see the latest trends right off the runway, and how customers react to them. In wedding stationery, brides increasingly want everything customized, and this includes adding a personal touch, like a monogram, motif, color, or custom artwork. More important than trends, however, are geographic location and familial or cultural background.  We are very aware of this distinction. Not all of our brides are New York City in style, and even if they are, often their families are not!  We pay special attention to helping clients balance the popularity of perceived trends with the realities of budget, traditions, and wedding destination.

What should brides-to-be know before coming to their appointment at Kleinfeld Paper?

Amy: There is nothing better than a prepared bride! Here are a few key things brides should think about:

  • Personal Style. It helps to have an idea of your own personal style and how much you want to carry that through on your wedding day. We can better guide brides through our extensive selection of designs based on style in our Classic, Romantic, and Modern albums.
  • Color Palette. The colors you want to use in the wedding is another very helpful thing to know when choosing stationery. Depending on the design, color can work in surprising ways on paper, so having an understanding of the full palette, including at the venue itself, is helpful.
  • Budget. Our wedding invitations are priced in a very easy way to understand, based on card size, print process, and paper selection. Knowing a bride’s budget really helps us suggest the best printing processes, paper options and embellishments in keeping with a bride’s style while being realistic.
  • Details. Besides the date, other key details needed before placing an order include: Guest count, Return addresses, Response card address, Spelling of venue names and Guest addresses (optional).

Be sure to stop by the boutique for a look at Kleinfeld Paper’s complete wedding invitation suite collection, and browse any of our style albums — Classic I, Romantic, and Modern. Meet Amy, make an appointment, or grab a free invitation toolkit. You can make your appointment online, by calling Amy (646.633.4358), or by email at




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