4 Wedding Stationery Etiquette Tips for Social Media

We’re quite certain you aren’t posting flashy pics of that new diamond ring all over Facebook before informing your closest loved ones of the happy news. Or posting a peek of The Dress your spouse might unwittingly click on before he sees you coming down the aisle. But when it comes to the wedding day itself, just how ‘social’ do you plan to be?

The amount of social streaming you want at your wedding is a matter of personal preference and style. Whether you are all for sharing it with the world or completely unplugging is up to you as a couple. But how do you properly convey your wishes about social media use to guests during your wedding? This is where some wedding stationery etiquette comes in handy.


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How to Use Good Wedding Stationery Etiquette for Social Media

Here are 4 tips ton using wedding stationery to inform guests specifically about how you want social media used during your wedding day.

TIP 1. Agree on a Social Media Plan.

Let’s face it, weddings can be a full-on social media extravaganza. For many couples, it’s just plain good fun to enjoy all the moments you missed from your guests’ perspectives. Mobile camera devices have replaced the disposable cameras on wedding reception tables from a decade ago. Social media tools like Instagram hashtags help rein in all those moments that can be a blur into one place.

“Please unplug and share in our special day.”
On the other hand, an open invitation for guests to flash their mobile cameras during the ceremony can be a big distraction and can even pose a risk of ruining the photos you are paying a professional photographer to thoughtfully and carefully shoot. Less flattering angles could end up being the pictures everyone sees! Also live tweeting can distract guests from being present in your moment, hearing the words as they are being spoken.

TIP 2. Put It in Writing.

You have several ways to tell guests your preferences about what you want. Ever popular chalkboard signage is one cute way to get very specific about your wishes. But as we like to do at Kleinfeld Paper, put it in writing….on personalized, printed wedding stationery!

Here are specific ways to use different components of your wedding stationery within the wedding invitation suite to be very specific about how you want guests using social media during the wedding:

  • Save the Date cards
    If you plan to put details about your wedding day online, print your website address on your save-the-dates. A website should not appear on the wedding invitation itself. A website is a great place to begin communicating your wishes about how social you want your wedding to be.
  • Website/Social Media card
    If your website isn’t ready by the time you send save-the-dates, create a website enclosure card to send with the wedding invitations. Combine your website with a social media card as one enclosure to give guests your wedding hashtag so they can post and tweet in a way that everyone, including you, can easily follow (works great for Instagram photos and Twitter posts).
  • Ceremony Programs
    If you desire extra discretion during the ceremony, especially in a house of worship, ask guests to refrain from using a flash or taking any pictures at all by saying so right in your wedding programs. Be realistic though–you won’t stop selfies from finding their way onto social media, especially if the party’s any good!

TIP 3. Follow Up on Social Status Updates with Social Stationery

Updating your marital status on social media is one way to inform the world of your new married name (and status). But not everyone uses all platforms, and some may miss the news altogether. We think there’s reason to follow some good old fashioned wedding stationery etiquette here since few of us put our personal contact information out so publicly. Two other wedding stationery pieces work well for this, and using the right size wedding enclosure cards to create these:

  • At Home Cards.
    These enclosures get sent with the wedding invitations, indicating when you expect to return from your honeymoon, your home address (ahem, they need to know where to send gifts), and your full, proper married names (changed or not).
  • Calling Cards.
    These are social business cards, being a similar size and format, but list just your personal contact information, such as preferred phone number(s), email addresses, and maybe even your social media hashtags, handles or website so guests and others you meet up with after the wedding know the different ways to be in touch with you.

TIP 4. Don’t Skip Out on Wedding Thank You Notes

In a handheld, highly mobile digital world, there’s no replacing a handwritten, highly personal thank you note! Thank a guest face-to-face or instantly tweet or text your sentiments, but you better also sit down, pull out those personalized wedding thank you notes, and put it in writing.


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